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Docker compose long term support for compose v2


I have a single node deployment and I’d like to use docker compose for orchestration with native docker, without docker swarm.
Using compose schema v3 makes it hard for use without swarm so I have to stay with v2,

Will docker compose schema v2 continue to be supported?


As you have realized, version 3 is not the successor of version 2, but is focused on other use cases. On Github there is an open PR by Bret Fischer to clarify the documentation. If we look at the compatibility matrix we see that the are developed in parallel and 2.4 was released with 17.12.0., together with 3.5. So from the outside everything looks fine for version 2.
The problem is that you’ll hear something different from other people. Even here in the forum you find employees of Docker who tell users that they use an old version when they show a version 2 compose file.