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Docker compose : Mount CIFS directly

I would like to add a CIFS type volume in my container.

I would like to put the share directly in the docker compose and avoid having to create a volume from the command line.

- Volum Name: Data
- Share: //
- Mountpath: /mnt/Share
- Username: ABCD
- Password: EFGH
- CIFS (version 2.0)

docker volume create
–driver local
–opt type=cifs
–opt device=//
–opt o=username=ABCD,password=EFGH,vers=2.0
–name Data

Forum search for “volume cifs” and sort by latest brought up this result:

Be aware that declared volumes are immutable once created. If you change settings of a volume, you will need to delete it from the cli, in order to let docker-compose create it with the new configuration.