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Docker-Compose not displaying the ports

(Sharath Kumar) #1

The docker-compose ps command does not display the ports of the container. What may be the possible reason? this is my docker-compose.yml file

build: .
#command: docker exec -p 4000:4000 mix helloworld3
- .:/app
- “4000:4000”

user:~/composeexample/example1$ docker-compose ps
Name Command State Ports

test1 /bin/bash Up

Can we use a docker command inside the docker-compose file(as in the comment)? I am still new to docker so any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

(Eder Roger de Souza) #2

Hi maybe your docker image contains some errors, then on your container crashes on start. Try run $ sudo docker ps if your container does not appear try $ docker ps -a , Try see logs $ docker logs "your_container_name_or_id"
About running commands, docker-compose works fine , see my example : docker-compose .
See more in:[](Docker compose reference)