Docker-compose run results in connection refused

docker-compose run ant all install-all fails to complete for me. This is a long-running build which I’m trying to use docker to manage so developer’s don’t need to go through some custom-setup on their machine to run the build.

Expected behavior

docker-compose run completes

Actual behavior

docker-compose stops with the following error message:

ERROR: dial unix /Users/martzm/Library/Containers/com.docker.docker/Data/*00000003.00000948: connect: connection refused


  • the output of:
    • Moby Menu > Diagnose & Feedback on OSX <= this doesn’t seem to exist?

Docker About:

Version 1.12.0-rc2-beta17 (build: 9779)

Here is the setup I’m using. In a folder called ep-docker I’ve put docker-compose.yml and Then I clone the ep-platform project as a sibling to the ep-docker folder.

version: '2'
      context: .
      - ../ep-platform:/root/ep-platform
      - $HOME/.m2/repository:/root/.m2/repository
      - $HOME/.m2/settings.xml:/root/.m2/settings.xml

And my docker file for ep-platform:

# EP6 Docker Image
FROM java:6

RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y ant
RUN wget && \
    tar xvf apache-maven-3.0.5-bin.tar.gz && \
    mv apache-maven-3.0.5 /opt/apache-maven-3.0.5 && \
    rm apache-maven-3.0.5-bin.tar.gz

RUN mkdir /root/ep-platform
RUN mkdir /root/.m2

ENV ANT_OPTS -XX:MaxPermSize=1g -Xmx1g
ENV MAVEN_OPTS -XX:MaxPermSize=1g -Xmx1g
ENV M2_HOME /opt/apache-maven-3.0.5

WORKDIR /root/ep-platform

CMD tail -f /dev/null

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. Setup the project as above
  2. Run docker-compose run ep-platform ant all install-all

I used the time command to check how long the script is running in case it’s time related. Looks like it’s running a little over 30 minutes before it fails, at least for this sample run.

$ time docker-compose run ep-platform ant all install-all > ~/Desktop/output
ERROR: dial unix /Users/martzm/Library/Containers/com.docker.docker/Data/*00000003.00000948: connect: connection refused
     1875.57 real         0.40 user         0.12 sys