Docker container in swarm seems to use more ip addresses than 'em should


I’m looking for a strange behaviour of docker swarm.

I’ve created an overlay network /24 and adding about 50 services on it, using --endpoint-mode dnsrr, so no VIP in use.

In docker log daemon I see an unexpected over usage of ip addresses:

msg=“NetworkDB stats node1(7df0217b8a9f) - netID:jgad4pc6p3ciozymplw573vf9 leaving:false netPeers:3 entries:115 Queue qLen:0 netMsg/s:0”

I would expect to see abount 50 or so entries, not absolutly the double.

Someone may explain why?

Thank and best regards.

Did you check the Docker network for the current attached clients?

with docker network inspect and count real used ip by containers and are exactly the number I expect but the dockerd log says almost doubles