Docker container no route found to host ip on Centos 7

I’m just starting trying out docker-ce on centos. I have a container running mysql which exposes a port 3306, this can be access correctly from a another machine using the hostip 10.x.x.x

However if I spin up another container on same instance of centos and attempt to communicate with the mysql instance it is failing, complaining of no route found

If I try the same on ubuntu system and there is no issue.

On further investigation, i can see that the centos has a few more entries in the iptables and believe this to be preventing it from working.

Was wondering if this is a know issue and if anybody had a solution to it…


Seems to be similar to Inter container communication via exposed port from 1 container on same host

So is this seems to be a docker issue, right ?
So should a bug be raised for this ?