Docker container patterns - what to use and when

I’ve been using docker for a while now. It has grown on me, so that I use it for everything - even my dev tools (composer, node, etc) are inside containers :slight_smile:

Over past year I’ve used it using different patterns:

  1. (#1) For WordPress projects I use 1 php7 container, 1 mariadb and 1 nginx container. Total of 3 for any arbitrary number of WordPress projects.

  2. (#2) For Laravel/ROR projects I use monolithic approach, it contains php-fpm, mariadb and nginx all installed in 1 single container similar to how you would use VM.

  3. (#3) For some other architecturally complex projects I’ve used 1 service 1 container approach. (basically what docker recommends)

SO my question is this, do you use mixed approaches? or do you stick to Docker recommended one? What is your rule of thumb? I find articles about different approaches surprisingly scarce, so if you know anything please link for me, thanks!