Docker container start up very slowly with 180G nfs volume

We added a 180G nfs (aws efs) volume to my docker-compose recently, and it took about 7 minutes to start up, if we remove the nfs volume, it can start up in 1 minute, and we did some testing, the larger the nfs, the slower the startup.

Does anyone know why? Or is there some way to see what was the docker doing? I out put the docker logs, but only successful messages.

2022-04-13T06:28:46.662408516Z Hosting environment: Production
2022-04-13T06:28:46.662443259Z Content root path: /app
2022-04-13T06:28:46.662536439Z Now listening on: http://[::]:8002
2022-04-13T06:28:46.662550521Z Application started. Press Ctrl+C to shut down.

My docker version: 20.10.14.
My docker compose version: 1.29.2.
Below is my docker-compose.yml

version: '2'

        image: xxxx
        restart: always
            - ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT=Production
            - "8002:8002"
            - "./BinaryObjects/Static:/app/App_Data/BinaryObjects/Static"
            - "./BinaryObjects/Temp:/app/App_Data/BinaryObjects/Temp"

/BinaryObjects is the root path of nfs.

Update: it is not related to the docker, it is related my dotnet application, if I move the NFS folder out of my application folder, the docker container can start up normally.