Docker containers keeps restarting after reboot

Dear all,
Some docker-compose containers keep restarting and never comes up after each pc boot. They are starting only after docker-compose restart command.
Any help would be highly appreciated

What is mentioned in the logs of the container when it tries to startup after a restart?

If your containers depends on a external mount (maybe a NAS) and docker starts before your network, that could also be it

There are some errors like this one:

proxy_1                  | nginx.1    | 2022/05/11 14:44:47 [crit] 226#226: *713 SSL_do_handshake() failed (SSL: error:141CF06C:SSL routines:tls_parse_ctos_key_share:bad key share) while SSL handshaking, client: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX, server:

Is there a way to delay container start up after pc boots?

Hmm, not sure that this error would cause it to crash, anything else ?

Do you have other containers in that compose project? docker-compose restart should just restart every container in the compose project. If one of your dependency containers is in a state which is not right for the crashing container, it could keep restarting and you will not always see an error message.

What I wrote above is just a guess and I don’t remember any case when nginx restarted without error message. We could probably do more than guessing, if you could give us a little more information.

  1. How many containers are restarting? Are they all nginx?
  2. Can you share at least one Docker compose file?
  3. You wrote Do you have other error messages twoo?

It is working stable since a long time. Not sure what was the reason for crashes.