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Docker Container's NIC in promiscuous mode

(Aenon) #1

Hi I’ve built via docker-compose a 3 services architecture and a virtual bridged network on which the three services are attached. I want one of the container to be able to listen to all the traffic within the virtual network (promiscuous mode). Is it possible? I’ve tried almost everything but nothing seems to be working.

What I’ve tried:

  • Giving full privileges to the container
  • Setting the container eth0 interface to promiscuous (ifconfig eth0 promisc)
  • restart the network manager inside the container
  • setting the veth relative to container in promiscuous mode from the host machine
  • modify the mode from bridge to passthru in the macvlan configuration from the pipework script
  • setting the container as gateway in the network properties of the docker-compose file

Thanks in advance