Docker Containersize


i have a questions about docker and the way to use it to fulfil my needs.

For example i want to host multiple webserver Containers with the standard containersize of 20gb on a single host (Debian). Now if one of these webservers needs more space, how can i resize only this one container? Is this even possible? I only read about setting the standard size of containers at the start of the docker daemon but that sounds like every container has to have the same size.

So what i want would look like this:

container1: 20GB
container2: 20GB
container3: 20GB
container4: 40GB
container3: 30GB


base size is standard and configured via the docker daemon (–storage-opt dm.basesize=20G). Would adding other volumes be beneficial? This may help giving additional space where needed.

But i cant restrict the size of a volume or can i?
Unfortunately i have no time to test that right now.