Docker Desktop 4.31 for Mac announced but not available for download

good morning all,
Docker Desktop version 4.30 for MacOS with Apple silicon announced 4.31 several days ago. Every time I am trying to download the new version I receive the same version 4.30 which is installed already.
Someone could tell me what I am doing wrong, please?
Cheers, Claus

I have Mac with Apple Silicon M1 and actually updated yesterday or the day before that. It worked. How did you try to update? From the GUI or by downloading from the website and running the new installer? I used the GUI.

In you are on Sonoma, 4.31 will not work…

There is a 4.32 you can use that will work (link on that bug report)

same situation has happened on me;
OS: macOS Sonoma 14.5
Docker Desktop Version: 4.30.0 (149282)
can not update to 4.31 by GUI