Docker desktop application is not starting on my mac

As the docker application is not opening and asual as it raises an error message:“Ensuring credential helper: saving JSON: mkdir /Users/bhuvanvadlapudi/.docker: operation not permitted”,Can anyone help me in this case

Your home folder is probably not writable so the .docker folder can’t be created for the client configurations. Maybe you acidentally created it as root or something changed it later, although it should be “permission denied” then. I would still check your home folder.

Thank’s for replying.So,How can I change that?

I just gave you some idea. I don’t know the state of your user home, so I can’t tell you what and how you should change. I assumed since you have a Mac and work with Linux containers, you know the basic unix commands like chown and chmod. I’m not sure if those help in this case since it is hard to imagine that your user can’t write its own home, yet it seems to be the case. The other possibile error could be that the .docker folder already exists but corrupted so Docker Desktop can’t read it. Please, share the output of the following commands executed in the terminal:

ls -lad $HOME
ls -lad $HOME/.docker

Your files will not be shown, only the properties of your home and the docker folder`

ls -lad $HOME
drwxr-xr-x+ 37 bhuvanvadlapudi staff 1184 Aug 17 2022 /Users/bhuvanvadlapudi
ls -lad $HOME/.docker
ls: /Users/bhuvanvadlapudi/.docker: No such file or directory

Hey,I did what you say and I really want you to checkout my last reply and help me from this issue.

Looks right. Maybe it is jost Docker Desktop that is not allowed to access the disk.You can try to search for “Operation not permitted macOS” and learn more about it. For example:

Read the chapter about “Full Disk access”

Even though,I enabled full disk access to the terminal and did exactly as the steps given in the document,Doesn’t changed anything…

Hey,Do you know what the problem is?

Sorry for not responding so far, but no. I don’t know what could cause this, that’s why I tried to search for the issue and shared what I found.

You could also try to ask on GitHub

although it seems to be a macOS issue, but it is possible that more people encountered this error on Mac and reported or read the issues on GitHub or the developers know more about Mac then I do :slight_smile:

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I noticed you were a full-stack developer back then(I saw that from your profile).If you are familiar with the javascript,I had an issue regarding creating a react app in my system and I always got this error and I am thinking that as I got the above error and it kind-of relates the problem that I having with this too regarding “SIP”.
So,You may take a look of the error I am getting…

It doesn’t seem to be related to the Docker Desktop issue, since your home folder was owned by you and you didn’t get instructions from Docker Desktop to fix the issue.In this case, npm told you exactly what you should do.

I would quote it, but I can’t from a screenshot. Please, format your post according to the following guide and avoid sharing screenshots of texts.