Docker Desktop borks my Windows VM

I created a Windows 11 VM running on Proxmox to use as a development machine.

I then installed Docker Desktop and rebooted, now Windows is in recovery mode.

The same thing happened with a Windows 10 and Windows 11 VM running on my Synology NAS but I thought it was a Synology issue. Proxmox is running on a NUC13.

How do I install Docker Desktop on a Windows VM?

You need to configure nested virtualization:

This problem is not caused by Docker itself, but from the Windows Subsystem for Linux feature and the virtualization platform it requires to run Linux distributions, like the docker desktop WSL2 distribution.

Though, why would you even want to run Docker Desktop in a VM (=WSL2 System VM) on a Windows that runs in a VM (=KVM VM). Docker Desktop is meant to be used for development, not for 24/7 operations. Of course docker-ce can be used for development AND for 24/7 operations.

The very first line! I am building a VM that I am going to use for development purposes.

I got that. I still wouldn’t use it like that :slight_smile: