Docker Desktop Container ruuning in WSL does not use assigned network

Hi, I am facing a problem - I am running a graylog multicontainer image created with docker-compose in WSL running in Hyper-V virtual. I have portforwarded necessary ports plus SMTP. Graylog application runs fine and is accessible throught host and LAN. It is connected to default bridge network with IP like (172.17.X.X) and my created bridge network. Our LAN uses 192.168.3.X subnet with GW running on My bridge network has subnet and container can ping GW (with just the default network). But I cannot access any other LAN address from container as it looks like the created network is not used at all. Docker Desktop network is default Firewall if off on host. When trying to ping address in the same 3.X subnet I get “No route to host” error. What I am trying to achieve is getting email alerts from Graylog to work.