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Docker-Desktop-Data vhdx resise

Running Docker-Desktop 3.0.0 (or the previous two version of Docker), unable to resize the docker-desktop ext4.vhdx to expand volumes. The physical VHDX file shows the expansion after running ‘Resize-VHD -Path c:\BaseVHD.vhd -SizeBytes 1500G’ — but volume still shows ‘no space’ left when copying data into ‘\wsl\docker-desktop-data\version-pack-data\community\docker\volumes’. This leads to a two part question: 1) is there a way to ‘expand’ the size of the docker-desktop vhdx file, 2) or is there a separate virtual disk for the ‘docker-desktop-data’ mount?

We also tried the expansion from:, but the docker-desktop vhdx didn’t recognize the increase storage – and, where we can see the docker-desktop-data wsl distro, we cannot WSL into it to expand it. A ‘docker volume inspect’ shows the volume being at ‘/var/lib/docker/volumes/’ — this path is not valid for the ‘wsl -d docker-desktop’ – should we be expanding another vhdx?

Also the ‘resize2fs /dev/sdb M’ command does not work in docker-desktop vhd because resize2fs is not installed.