Docker Desktop does not start

On my Windows 11, after a correct installation of Docker Desktop, I started the engine but it says “Docker is starting” forever.
Any suggestions?

I’m running into the same issue using v4.16.0 on windows 11. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling nothing has worked.

I just upgraded docker desktop for windows from version 4.15.0 to 4.16.1 on my laptop with windows 11 and now its hung in docker starting… It was working fine with version 4.15.0… I am dead. I do a ton of development and docker and I am down, this needs to be fixed ASAP. I may have to uninstall and reinstall 4.15.0, but that’s a pain as I loose all of my settings and I am running WSL2, etc… and there were a log of changes to get that to work.