Docker Desktop error message

I recently migrated my docker desktop from an Intel Ventura Mac to a silicon Sonoma mac and the vendor app I run inside a container now crashes frequently. I did a fresh install yet after an hour, I get this error message. The vendor recommended I install Rosetta which I did yet I still have this error issue. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

INFO:camera-1:2024-06-08T10:13:27+00:00: Health Score: 90% INFO:camera-1:2024-06-08T10:13:32+00:00: Health Score: 80% WARNING:camera-1:2024-06-08T10:13:32+00:00: Drop in performance. {‘disk_usage_percent’: 9.0, ‘loadavg’: (2.154296875, 2.060546875, 2.07275390625), ‘cpu_count’: 4, ‘cpu_percent’: 29.2, ‘mem_total_mb’: 3923, ‘mem_percent’: 35.4} INFO:camera-1:2024-06-08T10:13:37+00:00: Health Score: 75%

These errors persists down to a 0% health score.