Docker Desktop start 3 mstsc.exe processes


Recently, I found whenever I start the Docker Desktop, 3 mstsc.exe processes are started and cannot be killed. These 3 processes disappear after I quit Docker Desktop.

I am not 100% sure it is Docker Desktop that started these 3 mstsc processes, but I do constantly observe the correlation.

Does anybody know if Docker Desktop would do this?


  • Do you have running containers?
  • Do you use Linux containers or Windows containers?

I have the latest Docker Desktop on my Windows but I can’t find a any process with that name. I switched from Linux containers to Windows containers, but still nothing. Then I switched from the WSL backend to Hyper-V. I still can’t see mstsc. Tried to run some containers, but no such process.

If Docker Desktop is not starting these processes, my guess is that you have an other application which has Docker support and detects if the Desktop is running. mstsc is related to remote desktop

I hope it gives you some idea.

It is not caused by Docker. It is caused by WSLg. WSLg uses Remote Desktop Connections? · Discussion #687 · microsoft/wslg · GitHub

Funny though, those mstsc processes correlate with the Docker process.

Not so funny, when you know that Docker Desktop uses two WSL distributions :slight_smile:
I don’t understand why I didn’t see those processes, because I use WSL backend, but I probably missed something.