Docker Desktop UI tweaks request

There’s a few things in DD (at least on Windows) which I think could quite easily be improved. Follows:

  • Container > Logs (i.e. logs) - when using the filter field, only matching entries should show (rather than, at present, matching lines are merely partially highlighted). Use case: if I want to filter on some console log entries that contain a certain term, even with them highlighted it’s quite hard to find and read them all among hundreds of lines of non-matching entries.

  • Toggle window fullsize / resizeable - a minor one, but the icon shown doesn’t change. It always shows the “make window full size” icon, unlike normal Windows apps.

  • Container > Inspect - add a filter field here. There can be lots of env vars and it would be good to be able to jump to a specific one by filtering on it.

  • This could split opinion, but I’d love it if the terminal button for each container opened the terminal within DD, rather than a new window. I know you can just do docker exec ... but still this would be a nice feature.

  • A file explorer would be sweet i.e. show the files within a container. Again, I know there’s CLI approaches for this, but it would be a nice UI feature.

Just my thoughts!