Docker Desktop Windows - Start Docker server as windows based?


I’m running Docker Desktop (v4.21.1) Windows (W11H2 Pro) with Hyper-V (ie WSL2 unchecked in the settings) to access the Network type “transparent”. See section on “transparent” here:

My issue is that “transparent” (or “l2bridge”) is not available as can be seen using “docker info”:

Volume: local
Network: bridge host ipvlan macvlan null overlay

=> This seems to indicate that I’m not using the Windows version of Docker desktop?

Running “docker version” to get runtime information shows:

Cloud integration: v1.0.35
Version: 24.0.2

OS/Arch: windows/amd64

Server: Docker Desktop 4.21.1 (114176)
Version: 24.0.2

OS/Arch: linux/amd64

=> This also seems to indicate that the server is not windows based even though I’ve turned off the WSL2 settings.

I’m not sure if the Docker term “backend” is the same as the term “server” in the command “docker version”?

Other info and things I’ve tested, verified:

Running Docker containers in Hyper-V is working
Running Docker containers in WSL2 is working (but is not what I want in this use case)
I’ve tried to verify all Virtualization settings and they seem fine
I’ve reinstalled Docker Desktop multiple times
I’ve reinstalled Docker Desktop from command line with “Docker Desktop installer.exe” install --backend=windows
I’ve reinstalled Docker Desktop from command line with “Docker Desktop installer.exe” install --backend=hyper-v

No matter what I do “docker info” only lists the network options that are available for linux.

Anyone running Docker Desktop on windows and have “docker info” showing the Windows network types like “transparent” or “l2bridge” as listed on the Microsoft link above?

Any input appreciated!

Docker Desktop can run Windows containers and Linux containers. It doesn’t matter whether you choose HyperV or WSL2. If the server section shows “Linux”, you need to switch to Windows containers. Just click on the Docker icon in the notification area and choose “Switch to Windows containers…”