Docker Desktop with VPN (pulse)

I am facing an issue with Docker and the VPN client my company is using, which is Pulse Secure VPN.
I have a couple of containers that connect with each other (iis, sql, solr) and are started via Docker Compose.

All goes well until I connect with VPN.
Each container is assigned an IP address (eg, the moment I connect with VPN or restart my containers. The following route is added automatically:

Destination Netmask Gateway Interface Metric On-link 10.xx.xx.xx 1

  • xx hidden because its a company ip address

After the route is added:

  • containers can not find each other anymore, ping mssql from another container will timeout
  • I can not connect connect to exposed ports from my host anymore.

My guess is that the VPN client is rerouting all traffic to VPN.
I already tried different subnets, including some local ranges (192.168.5.x or 10.0.2.x) but whatever I try, the route is always added.

Any idea if there are solutions to this problems or maybe a workaround?