Docker Developer October Newsletter is Here!

Monthly highlights:

How did I shrink my NextJS Docker image by 90% – Learn how to improve the development and production lifecycle by optimizing your NextJS Docker images.

How To Create A Production Image For A Node.js + TypeScript App Using Docker Multi-Stage Builds – Keep your NodeJS Docker container images slim by using multistage builds to create TypeScript-based apps.

Oracle SQLDeveloper Docker Extension – Discover the Extension that lets you run the Oracle SQLDeveloper Web tool and connect with Oracle XE 21c or other RDBMS instances.

React and .NET Core 6.0 Sample Project with Docker – Learn how to use CRUD operations in ASP.NET Core 6.0 WEP API with the Entity Framework Core Code First approach.

Deploying FusionAuth + Docker on – Find the perfect guide to self-hosting FusionAuth for timesaving authentication and access management using Docker.

How to containerize your ASP.NET Core application and SQL Server with Docker – Learn how to deploy a Dockerized .NET Web API application and connect it to a SQL Server container.

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