Docker didnt updated my packages

i have this docker file:

FROM node:alpine


COPY package.json .

RUN npm install --omit=dev

COPY . .

CMD ["npm", "start"]

when i run docker build -t <my_name>/<my project name>
and i push it to docker hub it didnt updated my packages:

error TS2305: Module '"@inbaltickets/common"' has no exported member 'ExpirationCompleteEvent'

When I run it through the terminal: npm run start it didnt give my the error, and when i click on ‘ExpirationCompleteEvent’ it show my the exported module

If you properly built your image locally and you tried and worked and then you pushed it to Docker Hub, you got the same image you had locally.

So what do you mean by not updated packages? How did you tr it when it worked and what did you do when it didn’t. Please, show us commands to understand how the issue could be reproduced.