Docker, EC2, and Network Interfaces

Hi Guys and Girls,
I’m breaking my head trying to solve this problem. Hopefully someone here can help me.

I have a docker container running inside an EC2 Instance and its running on port 80.
The default EC2 has an eth0 network interface with the private IP of the EC2
I have attached a second Network Interface (ENI) to the EC2, It takes place as eth1 with a different Private IP

When I try to reach the application running on port 80, I am able to do it through the IP of the eth0, but not from the IP of the eth1

How can I make sure that I can reach the application with the IP of eth1.

In Short:
EC2 has a private IP ( eht0 )
Network Interface attached to the same EC2 ( eth1 )
Docker running on EC2 on port 80
I can reach the container using eth0 IP, but not eth1 IP

Please if anybody has some ideas that would be awesome.



Any chance someone has figured out how to fix this issue sometime in the last 6 1/2 years? :grin: I’m running into the exact same problem today.

I am not sure how this could be a problem. Vanilla Docker (=installed from Docker’s own repositories) publishes a container port on

The only thing that comes to mind that would prevent communication are missing allow rules in the security group assigned to the instance(s).

Though, I can not speak for the Docker Distribution on Amazon Linux - You could always raise a support ticket to the Amazon support and ask for guidance.