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Docker EE : NetApp trident + CluodBees

Hello , i need help, i have a docker EE cluster, to which once i deploy a container which needs k8s as orchestration , the load avg on the worker node goes very high & the container becomes unresponsive, i tried docker events on the worker node, i see many message like below , any idea is my networking is mess up & if yes what i can look for to fixed it, the UCP UI shows all ok though, I am using trident for persistent storage & the container is 3rd part cloudbees, i am in touch with all 3 vendor but so far no luck , thanks

2019-04-21T07:34:50.644726880+08:00 container exec_die ed0167e8e3d82f20c145dd2863f6141278825ae71f46cec61aecb9607bd5b8bc (,,,,, com.docker.ucp.calico_node.version=calico/node:v3.5.2, com.docker.ucp.version=3.1.5, execID=8a1b56df2cea903d2112b421f0f7b8d8db7eedff46f2e1a87ddb0f253422dfde, exitCode=0, image=sha256:f0d812fc00c3f4e0f6a2bd59f0b002c6794a9f0a2aa1160e59fe7913f161ec4b, io.kubernetes.container.logpath=/var/log/pods/fcd5d94b-5659-11e9-a656-0242ac110008/calico-node/12.log,, io.kubernetes.docker.type=container,, io.kubernetes.pod.namespace=kube-system, io.kubernetes.pod.uid=fcd5d94b-5659-11e9-a656-0242ac110008,, name=k8s_calico-node_calico-node-s2nqk_kube-system_fcd5d94b-5659-11e9-a656-0242ac110008_12)