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Docker EE standard edition for windows server 2016

(Peter) #1


docker EE standard and above for windows server states as a feature
-Enhanced RBAC, LDAP / AD support

Does this mean, AD is supported inside out of the box from inside a container, or does this mean, the UCP can be integrated to allow organization people from AD domain to pull specified images etc. ?

I would need AD authentication to work inside windows container so that i can use windows authentication for a IIS website.

I’ve tried docker EE basic with gMSA account and with that i can get the containers host to join AD domain BUT… windows authentication does not work, in fact when the server was gMSA joined, windows authentication didn’t work correctly even outside the container in the hosting server side. When the host was removed from gMSA, the windows authentication started to work normally again.

Has someone managed to get windows authenticated website applications to work inside docker container ?