Docker ELK Stack

Hello everyone,

I need some help I’m trying to create a production ELK Stack with a custom network.

I have the network created with a specific subnet and name and i have the images pulled from the elastic website but I’m having some difficulties assembling the docker-compose file.

Right now the base file looks like this:

container_name: elasticsearch
ports: ‘9200:9200’
networks: ‘elknet’

container_name: kibana
ports: ‘5601:5601’
networks: ‘elknet’
depends_on: ‘elasticsearch’

container_name: logstash
networks: ‘elknet’
depends_on: ‘elasticsearch’

I know that i have missing the volumes for logstash and elasticsearch but the docker-compose file doesn’t work like this at the moment…

Any tips that would be useful in production i would appreciate, also would be easy later to change the network connection from a bridge to an overlay network?

I have been looking and reading a lot about ELK but everyone is just git cloning repos and i want to build mine from scratch step by step.

Any help would be very appreciated :slight_smile:

Best regards