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Docker File No such file or directory - Absolute Path issue

Writing because I have a stranger problem with Docker File process

The problem is regarding Docker File Context. As far as I understood the directory context that I can access from Dockerfiles is one directory up and one directory down

Example Directory Tree

A - B - C - D - E

If my docketfile is on C I can access B D But I can’t access A E

I have a problem because this is my case

My Docker file is on C And I need to access files from B D E And I really don’t know how to do it

I need to access it Becaiuse my target jar is on E And I need to do an ADD to this file to implementing docket hot deploy with Spring Dev Tools

Somenthing like on Docker

ADD .\D\E\jar.file jar.file ENtrypoint xxx Expose xxx

And I still need to access B to get some other files.

Was Clear?

Sorry I know is someone