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Docker for AWS Windows compatible?


(Frederiksf) #1

Dear forummembers,

Im looking for a container platform like docker swarm or eventually kubernetes to host our windows based containers. It looks like windows support is allot les then Linux…

Is it true that docker for aws does not support windows images? Has anybody an idea how i can setup docker swarm on a AWS VPC network ?

Thank you in advance!


(Sam) #2

i don’t know about windows support, but if you use docker for AWS it prompts you for everything and the deploys the swarm… least it did for me…
according to the docker for AWS doc,

Docker for AWS is installed with a CloudFormation template that configures Docker in swarm mode, running on instances backed by custom AMIs.

so I assume those are not windows based

(Developer11) #3

Running Windows2016 on AWS Reserved Instance and unable to install Docker.
Is there a way?
Ive read about using PowerShell but that doesnt work.