Docker for Fedora Arm and Artik 5 and 7

Hello Docker Community!

I successfully have installed, ran and tested docker on a raspberry pi 3 running Raspbian OS, an arm compiled Debian distro. When testing the same setup with Samsung Artik, an IoT specific board running Fedora 25 for arm, I came to the surprise that there is no docker-ce distribution to the platform, only x64. The default docker from the fedora repo is broken.
Is this possibly in the product roadmap? Can it be included? What are my alternatives to installing it successfully? Our solution heavily depends on that.

Thank you in advance

Hi…I have been working on running docker images on Samsung Artik 7 boards. I have tried the simple way, which is using dnf install docker. But when I start docker it shows me error relating to error initializing graphdriver.Probably the kernel is not supporting the graph drivers. So I am trying to compile the linux kernel with the support enabled.