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Docker for Mac beta 15 crashes with error "Failed to set posix_spawn_file_actions for fd -1 at index 0 with errno 9"

(Luna Moonfang) #1

Expected behavior

Docker stays active after opening the lid

Actual behavior

All active containers are stopped with exit status 0 (zero) and Docker for Mac has crashed with the following error:
Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInternalInconsistencyException', reason: 'Failed to set posix_spawn_file_actions for fd -1 at index 0 with errno 9' terminating with uncaught exception of type NSException abort() called


Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. Start Docker for Mac
  2. Start containers (Not completely sure if this is necessary)
  3. Suspend the host machine
  4. Wait… (Not sure how long as doesn’t happen every time the host is suspended)
  5. Open the lid
  6. Docker for Mac is no long running and after starting it, the containers have stopped with exit status 0 (zero)

(Luna Moonfang) #2

Docker just cached again with the same error, this time the Macbook was not suspended. So perhaps the suspend is not necessary.

(Mmscott) #3

This is being reported all over this forum in many threads. No response so fare from docker people but it is pretty well documented.

(Luna Moonfang) #4

Hmm, perhaps I’ve search with the wrong keywords then as I’ve been unable to find similar threads.
Apologies if it’s been reported already.