Docker for Mac freezes after attempt at building image on maxOS Sierra DP2

Expected behavior

Build a docker image

Actual behavior

After first attempt (Fresh install of Docker for Mac) the image gets into downloading the bases, stops halfway through and hangs. After this, no docker commands work at all, they all simply hang.

Running diagnostic showed everything is fine except docker ps times out after 10 seconds.

I also was prompted to update Docker for Mac 3-4 hours into putting this on hold, installed the update, which restarted Docker for Max and the daemon (before the update it just hung when I asked it to restart), but still hangs on all commands.


Diagnostic ID: 3CE43FEC-613B-4DF2-8C04-67558001C2F7


FROM node:5

RUN mkdir -p /usr/src
WORKDIR /usr/src

RUN git clone
&& cd redis-commander
&& npm install -g redis-commander

ENTRYPOINT [ “redis-commander” ]


Confirm. Upgraded to macOS sierra, uninstalled docker toolbox, installed docker for mac. It always freezes and eventually times out when using locally. Running docker commands on vm or remote host works as always. More info here Build hangs on macOS Sierra Beta 2

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I know this is quite late, but it should be mentioned this was resolved once the macOS Sierra GM came out, and has not cropped back up in High Sierra as of yet. All seems well. Just wanted to post this to mark it closed.