Docker for Windows and VMWare

I know it has been discussed before, but I think a lot of us have a setup, where VMware Workstation is a necessary element.

Therefore I would hope for Docker to continue to actively develop and improve Docker Toolbox / Docker for Windows in a form that supports coexistence with VMware workstation, e.g. by running the docker VM in VMware instead of VirtualBox / Hyper-V.

Right now it seems like Docker Toolbox is not maintained or intended for Windows 10

What do you think?

We’re still doing new releases of Docker Toolbox for now

Why is everyone so kryptic. Does Dockers for Windows run on a Windows Server 2016 box created in VMware vSphere Client 6.0.0?

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I am also having a tough time getting docker-toolbox to work smoothly with vmware workstation. I can’t seem to find a forum where the topic is discussed freely. Any suggestions?

If you can enable and use the Windows Hypervisor (which out doubt) in that environment you can. But you cannot have VMWare Workstation working on a non-virtualized Windows where the Windows Hypervisor is enabled. So the only way to have Docker for Windows running on the same Windows as VMWare Workstation is to use the Legacy version of Docker for Windows called Docker Toolbox that where the virtual machines run in Oracles virtual Box and not in Windows Hypervisor. Pretty annoying, though.