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Docker for Windows Beta Invites

(Stonesbg) #1

Is there still invites going out for the Windows beta for Docker?

I have registered for the beta on the 24 March and got an email that i was on the waiting list and will get notified shortly.

(Bradley Broom) #2

I got mine last night

(Michael Friis) #3

New batches of users are invited regularly as Docker for Windows matures and as we can handle the feedback and requests coming from users.

(Stonesbg) #4

That is great news.

Can’t wait to get an early christmas present

(Mleitner) #5

I recieved an invite 7 days ago, but was busy last week. Now i signed in and can’t find the docker for windows beta -app. Am i too late?. Will invites be revoked if the app is not downloaded within a certain timeframe?

(Michael Friis) #6

You can find a download link here: - the token should still be good.

(Narrationsd) #7

Michael, I found I couldn’t use the invite, though grateful for it of course.

I replied to the invite email with reasons and request to give my invite to somone else this time.

Will this get through, or should I go some other route?

Thanks & kind regards,