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Docker for Windows: communications & GPU

(Goupil35000) #1

I’m completely new to docker for windows but I used docker for ubuntu.

I have 3 questions about docker for windows to see if I can switch from ubuntu to windows:

  • 1/ my docker container needs to communicate with COM ports (robots) and USB ports (cameras). In ubuntu, we can use --device option, but it seems this option doesn’t exist in docker for windows. True ? The only solution i found is to use USBIP but it adds delay to the communication which is not great for us;

  • 2/ I have containers which need to use gpu. In ubuntu, we have nvidia-docker to be able to use the gpu (I don’t know if a solution exists for AMD). But it seems that Nvidia will not support this in docker for windows and that Microsoft has no solution for this at this time. True ?

  • 3/ what are the performances of docker for windows when using Linux container ?

Thanks for answers