Docker history - How to get the name of the base image used

When I run docker history mysql the last line is:

104de4492b99 9 days ago /bin/sh -c #(nop) ADD file:f35a56605b9a065a14 84.97 MB

The mysql Dockerfile on Github starts with:

FROM debian:wheezy

  1. Does that mean that f35a56605b9a065a14 is the id of the debian:wheezy base image?

  2. If I didn’t have access to the Dockerfile, how would I go about finding out that f35a56605b9a065a14 corresponds to debian:wheezy?

My question under this is I don’t see how to manage data containers when you need to have more than 10GB of files (for example my mails have much more), so I see perfectly the added value of data containers it is very well in architecture point of view but how to increase the size of it without using doing shared directory with the host ?)

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