Docker host on EC2 fails to pull image from dockerhub

Expected behavior

docker pull jenkins/jenkins:latest should successfully download the latest jenkins image

Actual behavior

This is not related to just the jenkins image. It is happening with any image either private or public.

The command exits with a an access denied error(HTTP 403 is returned to the docker host) for the URL

Additional Information

I use an ECS optimized AMI with docker-ce 18.06.
I build the docker host ourselfs and we dont use ECS.

One important thing to be noted is that we have this EC2 deployed in a different region than us-east-1 which is the region that the s3.amazonaws,com defaults to.

The EC2 is behind a proxy in which i checked and it has the required rules in order to allow this request to pass through.

This problem surfaced since the start of this week. I was able to use the pull command for the last month. We also noticed that before this issue the pull would use URLs such as cloudflare and in order to pull the image

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. run the command docker pull jenkins/jenkins:latest inside a docker host installed on an EC2 machine