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Docker Hub Webhook Triggered event only Once?

(Pardeep) #1

Hey all,
I have created pipeline from my github repo to docker hub and then using docker hub webhook to my service listening to web hook event to trigger a set of events .

I have tested this process and it worked once and then after when i tried again webhook has bnot been calling my service .

Docker hub is able to built new image whenever a pushes new code to github repo but webhook is not working(it worked just once).


(Sabin Basyal) #2

Thanks for reporting the problem, Pardeep. We have identified this issue and will be fixed soon. I will let you know, when the fix goes live.

(Pardeep) #3

thanks for quick reply … waiting for fix …

(Sabin Basyal) #4

@pardeep the fix is live in production and you should no longer experience this issue. Thanks for your patience!