Docker image exits with exit(1) code

I’m trying to run the image: rfsim5g-oai-gnb
It keeps on exiting with exit(1) code even when i rerun it.

How exactly? Please share your exact command or in case you used a compose file, the content of the compose file.

The command i used is: docker-compose up -d oai-gnb

Use docker logs [container id] to get more information about the dead container.

Hi All,

Please find the docker logs from the above issue.

Please see line 48 from file.

What is your question? Is it related to the original question? I don’t see Docker logs.

Please share more details and it would be much better if you could share quoted commands, logs instead of sharing pictures.

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Hi @morebodi5g @mvilakazi I am facing the same issue. If you found any solution for this please post it here or write me in it would be really helpful for me.