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Docker in dos v docker in linux - can I access this dir `/c/Users/User Name` from the docker/linux environment?


(Hattricknz) #1

A novice here so apologies in advance if I have some terms wrong. I am on windows7 an I have docker.

when I launch Docker Quickstart Terminal this brings up a MONGW64 terminal and this is my dos? environment. here I can do ls and pwd. my pwd is “/c/Users/User Name”. I can also do docker load < foldername/image00001.tar. I can then do docker images and it will show me the image that I just loaded. I can then run a container docker run --rm -it -p 80:80 username/web:tag_name bash I can then start the server service nginx start and then go and visit in my browser, with no proxy selected.

Now to get a more linux environment I can ssh into with the username: docker and pw: tcuser and brings me into docker in a linux environment. And I can almost do the same as above except accessing file in this directory /c/Users/User Name.

My question is can I access this dir /c/Users/User Name from the linux environment I mention above?

(Hattricknz) #2

the c drive is availaable if i do lsunder root / I think its called. So to answer my question ls /c/Users/User\ Name/ will show me the files in this directory.

(Hattricknz) #3

This is where the c drive is share in my virtual box if my understaning is correct.

If anyone would like to clarify any of the terms I may have misused as I am keen to learn!