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Docker in VS Code with Jupyter Notebook and PyTorch

Hey everyone, I’m new here and in docker in general. I’m currently in a pytorch course to learn nlp, but I can’t get past the first video, because the guy doesn’t comment anything about setting up the environment.

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
VS-Code 1.43.0
Docker 19.03.7
Anaconda 3.6.10 in the Container
Anaconda 3.6.9 on my system

So I installed docker, used the nvidia/cuda image to build an environment and installed anaconda and jupyter notebooks there. Then I configured VS-Code to connect to a jupyter server. After that i type docker-compose up and the environment starts up. Now I tried to access the jupyter server from vs-code. Now the problem is, that vs code connects on port 8889, not on 8888. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong ?

Besides that I cannot fire up the container when I start vs code first, because the port is busy.