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Docker in windows has poor network performance

(Jasonfqyang) #1

when run the latest Redis in the docker in window and publish its port to windows host, then access it from the client in windows, its read/write QPS is ~9K:

  • But run the Redis 3.0 in windows directly, its read/write QPS is over 100K
  • Link the redis client container to the server container, its read/write QPS is also ~100K
  • Redis service uses the default config in all the test cases
  • So seems that the network performance b/w docker container and windows host is a bottleneck.

The docker command to redis server is as below:

  • docker run -p 6379:6379 redis

The benchmark command is as below:

  • redis-benchmark.exe -n 100000 -r 1000000000 -t set,get -d 100 -c 20

BTW, seems that the “Use Host Networking” isn’t supported in Windows docker.

Does anyone know how to optimize the network b/w windows host & docker container? Any idea or suggestion should be appreciated.