Docker in windows has poor network performance

when run the latest Redis in the docker in window and publish its port to windows host, then access it from the client in windows, its read/write QPS is ~9K:

  • But run the Redis 3.0 in windows directly, its read/write QPS is over 100K
  • Link the redis client container to the server container, its read/write QPS is also ~100K
  • Redis service uses the default config in all the test cases
  • So seems that the network performance b/w docker container and windows host is a bottleneck.

The docker command to redis server is as below:

  • docker run -p 6379:6379 redis

The benchmark command is as below:

  • redis-benchmark.exe -n 100000 -r 1000000000 -t set,get -d 100 -c 20

BTW, seems that the “Use Host Networking” isn’t supported in Windows docker.

Does anyone know how to optimize the network b/w windows host & docker container? Any idea or suggestion should be appreciated.