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Docker install failing with error code : 3221225781

(Smithaa) #1

Custom Windows application install on docker windows container failing, returned a non-zero code: 3221225781 on microsoft/nanoserver and receiving error code :1603 on microsoft/windowsservercore

OSVersion: Docker build command initiated on Windows 10 Anniversary Edition.

More details:
Custom application is getting installed successfully on Windows 10 box, with the same command used in docker container install.

Command used here is
cmd /S /C Applicationsetup_7.511.exe /qb

(Michael Friis) #2

Do you have more details on the app your’re trying to get working?

(Smithaa) #3

Thanks for your reply Michael.
It is a third party windows application consumed in my business project. Installation of this windows application usually has a install Wizard and need to go through all wizards by choosing “Next” button. Its having an .exe and .ini files. I tried this install as "silent install’ in the host windows 10 using the same command which I used inside docker. It is installing successfully. But inside the windows docker container(tried both Windows 10 and windows 2016) it is failing and returning error code 1603.

(Michael Friis) #4

Did you try reproducing on a Windows Server 2016 host?

(Smithaa) #5

The install is working good on host OS. Only having issue inside container.

(Smithaa) #6

Trying to dockerize IGS on windows 10 Or Windows 2016 using windowsservercore. Appreciate any help!

(Deeruattavar) #7

Even We are facing the same issue, We are trying to install some app in the form of .exe with silent installation. Even we are facing the same issue. Is it possible to install .exe on the windows server core image/ this is basic setup needs to be installed as prerequisites for running our Enterprise solutions. We spend enough times and we are unable to get the perfect solution for installation. tried in multiple ways, But nothing worked out.

We are stuck with following steps, could you help us here?
Deeraj V