Docker install on windows 8: command not found

Hello all,

I’m new to docker and i install it on linux (Fedora 20) and windows 8 (64 bits). In Windows i follow the steps in and i did a custom install (full install without Virtual Box, since was already installed) and when i start “Docker Quickstart terminal”, i get MINGW32 window with docker ascii art logo and usefull messages but docker is not in the path, returning me a “command not found”. What is the best way to trobleshot this problem?

I have some dev tools already installed (Android Studio, Unity, Vistual Studio, git, putty)

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docker is configured to use the default machine with IP
For help getting started, check out the docs at

Welcome to Git (version 1.9.5-preview20150319)

Run ‘git help git’ to display the help index.
Run 'git help ’ to display help for specific commands.

ppolonia@MAXTOR8DEVPT ~
$ docker
sh: docker: command not found

ppolonia@MAXTOR8DEVPT ~

Problem solved: I make the local path and the machine path the same, includind docker folter. The setup only change my local path.

Hi @polonia

Would you kindly elaborate on your fix as I am having the same issues? Did you modify paths in your system $path variables? Or in the

Thanks in advance!


I ran into the same problem and found out, that the PATH variable was set only for the Admin user, who installed the DockerTools. But I always run programs as a different user. So I appended the PATH at “system variables” (e.g. “foo;bar;…;C:\Program Files\Docker Toolbox”).

If you don’t know how to do it in windows see

HTH Danny

So I just recently had this same issue. Turns out I was using PATH as a variable in my shell script, which, if you’re paying attention, is a bad idea. My actual PATH was being overwritten with a random string, so I was getting the error docker: command not found.