Docker Installer

I am writing a windows app that uses docker similar to the way that wamp works. I use shell commands to the docker.exe and integrate with the UI. My App needs to be able to find where the main docker.exe is installed so that I can start it up if it is currently not running.

Currently I can see that docker installer uses the following key… HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Docker Inc.\1.0\AppPath.

I can use the path in registry to determine where the application path is so that I can launch the program…

I have the following questions…

Will the exe always be “Docker for Windows.exe”? (I have to assume so for now and in the future)
Will future versions exist under a different version key e.g. 1.1?
Will there ever be multiple version numbers in the registry e.g. /1.0/xxx and /2.0/xxx

I ask these questions as I will use the following algorithm in hope that future versions of the installer will comply.

Read the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Docker Inc. key and then look for any keys under it (which will be the version). If there are multiple I will look for the highest number and then lookup APPPath under that key. Would that be how future versions of the docker installer would work??