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Docker is taking all disk space

Hi everyone,

I got an issue with my docker.
It eats all my disk space until is full an block my server Debian 9.

It happenned few days after when we changed host.

I already tried all purge commands and a complete reinstallation of docker but nothing worked.

The only way I have to free space is to restart my server…

I already du all my folders (system and docker) there is no big files anywhere and the most “wtf” is that even without a running docker it takes space Oo Only way for now is to stop docker service OR change to aufs storage but as it will be be depreciate very soon I’d like a way to make it functionnal with overlay2.

Is there a god here who can help me please ?

EDIT: Even with different storage like aufs problem persists

Can you provide us more details:

sudo docker info 2>/dev/null |grep -E "Server Version:|Kernel Version:|Operating System:|Docker Root Dir:"

folderroot=$(sudo docker info 2>/dev/null |grep -E "Docker Root Dir:"| sed "s# Docker Root Dir:\s/#/#g")
sudo du -ah "$folderroot"/ 2>/dev/null | sort -rh | head -n 20



sudo fdisk -l
sudo cat /etc/fstab
sudo du -ah --exclude={/proc,/sys,/var/lib/docker} / 2>/dev/null | sort -rh | head -n 20

in case of lvm

sudo pvdisplay
sudo lvdisplay | grep -E "LV Path|LV Name|VG Name|LV Size"
sudo vgdisplay | grep -E "VG Name|VG Size|Alloc PE|Free  PE"

in case of zfs

sudo zpool list
sudo zfs list

Thx for the answer.

The solution was simply not related to docker even if it was docker file path involved.

Don’t remember what eaxctly sorry but nothing to do with container or docker itself.