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Docker Issue with WEBODM

Hello. I’ve been pulling hair for several days trying to load up WEBODM. I was finally able to get Docker and Git to install and am able to get into the interface now. In watching the tuturials, everyone was able to go into advanced settings and allocate HDD, RAM, and CPU. I don’t even have an advanced settings tab. Virtualization mode is enabled and Hyper V is enabled. I was also not able to put in a path I wanted the maps to go. My install looked nothing like any of the tutorials I watched. I guess I could try and uninstall and load an older version.

I saw there were ways to manually go in and set the allocations, but they honestly looked like hieroglyphics to me.

I was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction. I’d be glad to chip in $25 for a few minutes of your time. I’m not sure if it would be possible to remote in and fix it or not, but that would be great.

I have another computer, my main one, I’d like to load it on as well. I wanted to make sure it didn’t goof anything up with my computer, which is why I used my backup machine.

I’m running an i7 3770 with 32GB of ram.

Any help would be appreciated more than you know!

Thanks a lot,

Mark Stephens

I’m currently processing about 60 images… it seems to be awful slow. I went to look at the stats and Docker isn’t even using 4GB and the rest is sitting free. It’s not using much HDD space either. I was under the impression it was a memory hog for stuff like this, but it’s barely using any. I need to set the allocate the memory and hard drive to use more, but am unable to.

Memory and Hard Drive Use

Since I suppose most of you are stumped as well since I got zero responses, I figured I’d share what I did. On another machine (my main computer) I installed the newest version of Docker. I still have the same problem, I couldn’t get into the advanced settings to allocate RAM, Swap drive size, CPU’s, etc. I uninstalled it and reinstalled a version a year old (it was recommended from a Youtube video). Once I did that, it let me go in and adjust everything I needed to. Not sure why the main version doesn’t. On my other computer that Docker was installed on, I did the same thing… uninstall and reinstall, reload WEBODM, and I was good to go. Hoping this post helps someone one day.