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Docker killing internet performance



I’m using Docker 18.06.1-ce on Ubuntu 18.0.4LTS with a 10 Gbps connection.
If Docker/Portainer is running on its own I reliably get 1.0-1.2Gbps on a speedtest.
If I start any of my containers (I have one for Plex, Sonarr, Ombi, Tautulli and NZBGet) the internet speed gets decimated down to 160-300Mbps. It doesn’t matter which one I start, the result is the same.
This is having an affect on my Plex streaming and Rclone mounts.

Can anyone suggest anything to try to improve this?
It’s running on a seedbox provided by RapidSeedBox and I’m on the Rapid platform.


(Ove "Lime" Lindström) #2


you need to understand how Docker Networking is done. Mark Church excellent blog helped me a lot and also gives a lot of help.

The default is to use the Bridged network model and that tends to slow things down a bit. Portainer is using an Overlay network model. That is preferred if you have containers that are distributed over several nodes that communicates with each other, like the Portainer Server and the Portainer Agents.

One thing that I have noticed is that it sometimes helps having another log-driver declared for the containers other than the default. Running for example a GELF-driver towards a common log server always slows things down.