Docker load ( 20.10.24)

Hello, I’m facing an issue where docker load is reaching 1300%+ increasing, but where checking with docker status all seems to be normal.

History earlier version of docker was 20.10.3 upgraded to 20.10.24
any help will be appreciated!!

Did you check what process uses the CPU? Is it the docker daemon or a container?

Also please, show the output of the following commands:

docker info
docker version

If you have any custom configuration with private data like user name or ip addresses, remove that before sharing.

Yeah everything seems to be normal in docker stats
docker version

Client: Docker Engine - Community
Version: 20.10.24

Even docker version would show much more and you shared nothing from the output of docker info. We can’t help without information.

In general, you should check the processes running on the system (running top or htop), find out which process is the problem and if it is the daemon, then check the settings and fix it if you are using something incompatible or something that has a bad performance.